Mitral Valve Repair Procedure Patient Testimonial Video: Kathy’s Story

Mitral Valve Repair: Kathy’s Story

Mitral valve disease is a very common problem with many possible causes. After going into cardiac arrest, personal trainer Kathy O’Donnell was diagnosed with severe mitral valve disease. After spending several days in a coma, Kathy underwent a life-saving mitral valve repair procedure at Montefiore Health System. Dr. Robert Michler and Dr. Mario Garcia recommended a repair procedure known as the “butterfly technique.” The procedure was a success and Kathy has made a full recovery.

Project Details: Mitral Valve Repair Patient Testimonial Video

Client: Montefiore Medical Center
Campaign: “Helping You Get Back to the Life You Love to Live”
Format: Patient Testimonial Video
Title: “Mitral Valve Repair: Kathy’s Story”
Role: Producer, Director, Editor, Digital Campaign (Video SEO and PPC)

The Process Behind The Project

I was asked to produce a video on Kathy O’Donnell’s courageous story for Montefiore Medical Center. The video would be part of a national ad campaign for the Montefiore Center for Heart and Vascular Care.

My first step was to speak to the marketing and communications team members who were familiar with Kathy’s story. My goal was to learn as much as I could about the procedure, the patient, and the goals of the campaign.

My next step was to prepare for an in-depth interview with world renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Robert Michler. My interview questions would have to be well-researched and medically accurate, but they would have to allow Dr. Michler the opportunity to explain a complex medical condition and procedure in a way that would be easily accessible to prospective patients and their families.

With my research complete, I sat down for hour-long interview with Dr. Michler. The following day, I traveled to Kathy O’Donnell’s home with Director of Photography Bill Winters. Together, we filmed an interview with Kathy and we also filmed footage of Kathy training a client and jogging through her neighborhood.

The end result was a five minute patient testimonial video that lived on Montefiore’s YouTube channel and also on a website landing page that was featured in national TV and print ads. Much of the footage was repurposed for the campaign’s TV commercial.

What is Mitral Valve Disease?

Mitral valve disease refers to The mitral valve is located between the left atrium and left ventricle. There are two types of mitral valve disease:

  • Mitral Valve Regurgitation refers to the leakage of blood backwards into the atrium each time the left ventricle contracts.
    Mitral Valve Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the mitral valve, which prevents the valve from properly opening. This condition can block the blood flow into the left ventricle.

What Are the Symptoms of Mitral Valve Disease?

Symptoms of mitral valve disease may include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pains, dizziness, swelling of the ankles or legs, cough or heart palpitations (Source: UCSF Health). In some instances, mitral valve disease symptoms are not noticeable.

Treatment Options for Mitral Valve Disease

There are several options for mitral valve treatment. These options include replacement of the mitral valve or repair of the valve.

If left untreated, mitral valve disease may lead to heart dilation, atrial fibrillation, and other complications.

If you’ve arrived at this page looking for a medical diagnosis or more in-depth information about mitral valve disease, please visit the Mayo Clinic’s page on this topic.