Baseball in Ireland, in 1965!

I just received a fascinating note from author and baseball historian Josh Chetwynd. Josh and Project Cobb — a UK-based baseball research group — have uncovered evidence that baseball was being played in Ireland as far back as 1965. According to an article written by an Irishman named Clive Butterworth, there was a baseball club in Waterford and one in Dublin. Waterford seems to be where Butterworth introduced baseball around that time, though the Waterford team was managed by Bill Barry.

Up until now, it was thought that the first domestic game of baseball (two Irish teams playing in Ireland) was played in the early 1990s in Greystones, County Wicklow, with Baseball Ireland and the Irish National Baseball Team being formed a few years later in Dublin.

Also of note: according to the article, the first game played in Ireland was by the Chicago White Stockings and an American All-Star team in 1889.

To read the source material, click here (the Ireland story is on page 6). And click here if you’d like to support Irish baseball.