This Is a Real Thing: Retired MLB Catcher Brian Schneider To Try His Hand At Hurling


If you’re familiar with the history of baseball in Ireland, you already know that Ireland has a rich history of bat and ball sports. The most popular of those sports is hurling. The theory goes like this: Ireland’s youth baseball players have an easier time learning to hit a baseball because of their familiarity with hurling and rounders. Throwing a baseball is another story…

Anyway, for those who aren’t familiar with hurling, here ya go:

Now comes news that former MLB catcher Brian Schneider will be learning the sport for “The Toughest Trade” – a new TV show from Ireland:

Kilkenny’s Tyrrell is heading to the Miami Marlins baseball team for spring training, while ex-MLB player Brian Schneider will be joining up with James Stephens GAA club. The other two to swap codes as part of the documentary will be ex-Premier League player David Bentley and Crossmaglen’s Aaron Kernan. Source:

While Schneider travels to Ireland, Irish hurler Jackie Tyrell will join the Miami Marlins at their Florida spring training complex. Here’s a compilation of Tyrell’s greatest hits:

The show airs Monday, March 9 in Ireland.