How to Ship Baseball Equipment to Ireland

Baseball Equipment Warehouse

A small car, 75 lbs of baseball equipment bound for Ireland, and a giant warehouse.

Shipping baseball equipment overseas is a long process. After packing the equipment into a 55-gallon fiber barrel, the barrel is driven to a warehouse in New Jersey. Back in January, we had a trucking company handle a shipment of 8 barrels. Everything went smoothly.

Yesterday, I decided to drive the equipment to the warehouse myself… just to see how the process worked.

I showed up at the warehouse with one barrel in the back of my Honda Accord. The barrel is destined for Cavan, Ireland, where it will be put to good use by the Cavan Comets.

When I walked into the receiving office, I was asked who I drove for.

“Uh… Nobody.”

Really? What size truck you got out there?

“Um, Honda Accord.”

Honda Accord? You serious? How many pieces you got?

“One. It’s baseball equipment. I’m shipping it to Ireland.”

The dude was wearing a Red Sox cap. I figured he’d understand. He did. But still, the whole process felt very BIG. And me, my Accord, and my one fiber barrel of baseball equipment felt SMALL.

In all, the process took about 7 hours — from collecting the equipment, storing it, packing it into the barrel, driving it to a warehouse in New Jersey — but it was worth it.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the process, including:

And everyone who donated equipment and money to help us pay for shipping costs.

Please consider donating a small amount to help us get the next shipment over to Ireland. We’ve got more equipment ready to go to Dublin and Belfast. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!