Shooting Corporate Videos: Event Videos for Social Media

My latest post at Online Video Insider is titled, “Who is Going to Shoot Your Corporate Video?”

The article examines a few types of videos  and how those types of videos dictate whether the videos should be produced internally or by an outside production company. I own a video production company, but I believe there are scenarios when a company should absolutely film their videos without the help from an outside vendor.

One type of video that could be created internally is an Event Video. Put simply, an event video documents an event – like a conference, a presentation or even a parade. For example:

Event Video: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The above video montage was produced for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee. Events provide an excellent opportunity to create video content for social media channels. Although this particular video was filmed by a production company, event videos can also be filmed in-house, by staff members with some experience working behind a camera.

This video explains the advantages, challenges and opportunities related to employee-generated videos: