Who is Going to Shoot Your Corporate Video?

My latest article at Online Video Insider is titled, “Who’s Going to Shoot Your Corporate Video?

There are as many types of videos as there are ways to produce them. The key is to produce the videos you need, without overspending.

Some companies choose to shoot videos themselves and others opt to hire a separate company to handle video production duties. Your goals and resources will ultimately determine which path is best for your company.

Many companies recognize the strategic marketing value of video, but the way they approach video can vary widely. In general, most companies will attempt to create video in one of two ways:

  1. Cut corners and create a video with poor production values. This is the worst possible approach, because it wastes valuable time in an effort to save money. The result is a video that does nothing to enhance the brand image. Many times, a poor video will create a negative impression of the brand.
  2. Overspend for a video that goes well beyond what is needed to achieve strategic marketing goals. In this scenario, the end result is a very good video, so that is a big plus. However, the cost of corporate video can quickly skyrocket if clear goals are not establish very early in the planning process. In many cases, the perfect video depends on the budget and goals of the company commissioning the video.

Check out the full article here. And if you’re interested in developing a video marketing strategy for your company, check out my video production company, Harlem Line Media.