Baseball Ireland Hoodies and the Search for a WordPress ECommerce Solution

As you may know, I run a non-profit called the Baseball United Foundation. Among other things, we sell Baseball Ireland merchandise to benefit youth baseball programs in Ireland, as well as Ireland’s National Baseball Team.

We recently began sellingĀ Baseball Ireland hoodies – if you’re looking for a great baseball-themed Christmas gift, you won’t find anything as unique. And it’s for a good cause!

Anyway, our online merch sales have always relied on a PayPal button, which is not very elegant and it doesn’t work well with our WordPress website. The solution? Ecwid!

Ecwid has a full-featured shopping cart that looks great, plays well with WordPress and is FREE (as long as you have fewer than 10 products)!

Additionally, Ecwid allows you to embed products into other websites. For example:

Baseball Ireland Hoodie